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NE Struct Reference

Main NE structure (shouldn't be accessed directly) More...

#include <NE.h>

Data Fields

NEVersion version
 EPUB version (default: kNEVersion2)
zipFile zf
 minizip reference
NEBoolean firstFileWritten
 FALSE until a file has been added to the zip file.
char * filename
 epub filename
char * docDir
 base directory for documents in zip file
char * title
 book title
char * creator
 book creator (lf-separated if multiple)
char * identifier
 book identifier
char * language
NEI18nStrings const * i18n
 translated fixed strings, or NULL for default based on language
char * subject
 subject (lf-separated if multiple)
char * description
char * publisher
char * date
 date (YYYY or YYYY-MM or YYYY-MM-DD)
char * source
char * rights
char * endnotes
 XHTML document, built with NEAddEndnote.
int endnoteCount
 number of endnotes (last endnote label)
char * lastRefLink
 last refLink created by NEAddEndnote
char const * currentDoc
 name of current document (not managed by NE)
char * parts
 main parts of the book (P + filenames, lf-separated; P=kNEOptionsCh0+NEOptions)
char * auxParts
 auxiliary parts of the book (P + filenames, linear="no", lf-separated)
char * cover
 cover (filename)
char * coverImage
 cover image (filename)
NEBoolean coverSVG
 TRUE if the cover is SVG.
char * other
 filenames, lf-separated
char * ncxEntries
 XML fragment (contents of navMap in NCX file)
int ncxCount
 number of NCX entries
char * endEntries
 XML fragment for EPUB3 END (EPUB Navigational Document)
int maxTOCDepth
 maximum toc depth
int lastTOCDepth
 toc depth of last entry (0 = root)

Detailed Description

Main NE structure (shouldn't be accessed directly)

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